I am a Research Fellow at the Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning, University of Lisbon (IGOT-UL). My research focuses on tourism and urban restructuring and pays particular attention to the role of Airbnb in driving real estate investment and neighbourhood change. I am the PI of the Smartour: tourism, holiday rentals and rehabilitation project.





  • Smartour Project

    Smartour Project

    I am the PI of the Smartour project. We explore how tourism and Airbnb transform real estate investment dynamics and neighbourhood life in Lisbon and Porto. Find the link to […]

  • Short term rentals, hotels and displacement

    Short term rentals, hotels and displacement

    The growth of hotels and short term rentals involves a progressive conversion of housing into accommodation for visitors. It excludes local residents from the possibility of accessing housing while also […]

  • The Invention of the Barcelona Gothic Quarter

    The Invention of the Barcelona Gothic Quarter

    During my PhD at the University of Barcelona (2010) I focused on urban history and heritage studies, the result of which is the book El Barrio Gótico de Barcelona. Planificación […]

  • Tourism and Gentrification

    Tourism and Gentrification

    At present my research focuses on the relationship between tourism and gentrification, stressing how tourism can be interpreted as a gentrifying process that displaces both local businesses and local people. […]

  • Mussolini’s Rome

    Mussolini’s Rome

    Regarding the political use of the past and the way it influences the configuration of the urban space, I have also researched about Mussolini’s Rome. Fascism sought to legitimise itself […]

  • Culture and urban regeneration

    Culture and urban regeneration

    Aesthetic issues, quality of life, and the creation of liveable and pleasant places drive much of the new processes of production of urban space. This attention to urban lifestyles has […]